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Which political regime would MÉS per Mallorca like? Bartomeu Carrió

perejoan | 01 Setembre, 2016 07:05

Which political regime does MÉS per Mallorca (“MORE for Majorca” in English) want? Someone might well ask why I am raising this question now.  Well, on 26 February the Catalan-language newspaper ARA Balears printed the accusation leveled at us by Fernando Gilet, a PP (Partido Popular) Palma councilor in which he linked us with the “Chavist” Venezuelan regime. It was his way of justifying PP Palma’s decision to reject MÉS per Palma’s proposal that the Council petition the Spanish Ministry of Defence for the return of Emili Darder’s house to his family (he was the last republican mayor of Palma and was murdered by General Franco’s fascists in 1937 as well as having his house confiscated). There are people, some of them in the PP, who seem to go out of their way to justify Franco’s regime during and after the Civil War.

MÉS per Mallorca is a federation of two parties- the Majorcan Socialist Party (PSM-E, not the Spanish Workers’ Socialist Party- PSOE) and the Green Party in Majorca (IV) which are in turn associated at European level with the European Free Alliance (EFA) and the European Green Party (EGP) respectively. These two parties join forces in the European Parliament to form the Greens/EFA political group with 50 MEPs. This already gives us a fairly clear idea of MÉS per Mallorca’s ideology: a Majorcan-based democratic and republican political association, in favour of sovereign powers first and foremost for the Balearic Islands and later for the Catalan Countries within a federal Europe, left-wing and eco-socialist. We could add more but would agree that this sums up MÉS pretty well.

In certain areas we might  have similar views to Podemos (“We can” in English, a new political group in Spain not unlike SYRIZA) but not in all. We understand politics as something that should be bottom-up, starting from individual citizens and moving up through various stages (as opposed to Podemos’ more top-down approach). We might have similar views to SYRIZA, which won the last Greek elections, but this is made more difficult by the fact that we could not agree with the political regime that the Greeks have had so far. We do agree on criticizing corruption, although we have a head start of many years on them here.

Given all this, and in the light of the historical development, statutes and programmes of the constituent parties (PSM-E and IV), anyone can see that MÉS is not “Chavist”. The fact is that PP councilor Fernando Gilet slung this at MÉS per Mallorca councilor Antoni Noguera in a pre-electoral campaign context and the term he used was “political regime”.

I don’t remember our ever having defined our favourite political regime. However, the writer of this article does have- building on MÉS’ ideology- a number of preferences such as an independent or sovereign republic, federated to the European Union, with an economic organization based on an advanced welfare state, with justice and equality of rights and duties and international solidarity with the citizens and countries of the world.

In this regard there are a number of countries that have my preference as political regimes but that does not mean they always apply the principles of social justice, welfare state and international solidarity, although they could. For example, French secularity, Dutch economic development, the Finnish linguistic model, the Scandinavian welfare state, the model from the Maltese islands, federalism and republicanism in the United States or Germany, political representation in the British parliamentary system, Canadian democracy.... all these for me, a member of MÉS per Mallorca, are role models.

International solidarity, pacifism and environmental commitment would be the proposals that a future Majorcan and/or Catalan independent state could contribute to the world.

English revised version by Dick Fleming and Margalida Colom

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